Guto grew up in São Paulo, Brazil. One of the biggest cities in the world. There he started to work in the film industry in 1999 as a producer. After 7 years observing the bests Brazilian DOPs working on more than 100 tv commercials he decided to go with his heart and start to follow his real passion.... Photography.
In 2006 Guto moved to Barcelona to study cinematography and to live close to european culture. Since then he has been
working as DOP in many different countries such as Germany, USA, Spain, Czech Republic, France, South Africa, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Brazil and more.
Guto is really passionate about his work and is always excited with the power of lighting and framing to transform every single shot into an inspiring piece of art that captivates and stirs the emotion.
He considers him-self a very flexible person, who knows that every single project in its own right opens a wide world of possibilities and solutions. This is what inspires him to dedicate all his creativity, effort and time in order to find the best solutions, exploring all possibilities to create a beautiful and credible film."

Guto Moura

Guto moura