Camila Simon began her career as an assistant director at the age of 22, when she switched from law to cinema. She has worked with award-winning directors at some of the biggest production companies in Brazil, such as O2, Mixer, Jodaf, Bossa Nova, Movie & Art, among others. She studied theater, photography, screenwriting and documentary. Her vast experience contributed to her becoming a very versatile, confident and creative director. She believes in the transforming power of good stories and good ideas translated into audiovisual language. Very detail-oriented and careful, she always leads her teams with enthusiasm and delicacy to extract the best from each talent, whether technical or artistic.

She directed campaigns for Natura, Imecap, Wickbold, Sem Parar, Italac, Puravida, Shoppe, among others, always LEAVING her refined and aesthetic look.

In the field of fiction, she brings in her curriculum the short film “A Football Story” about Pelé's childhood, nominated for an Oscar in 2001, being responsible for directing assistance for the then debutant director Paulo Machline.

She was a partner of the production company Beautik from 2019 2021 and until today she is dedicated exclusively to directing and to the sets, her true passions ..